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     “The Open Form — the art of events — will also look for its own methods of study, its own means of expression, its own aesthetics. The Open Form, being the form of the sum of events — of the sum of individualities of a given group — should in consequence lead us to the expression of a group form. Taking into consideration the constantly broadening analysis of component elements, their mutual permeation as well as the indivisible structure of society, we approach the idea of complete, universal, whole, continuous space — space of a different psychology, a different and new morality.” – Oskar Hansen.

     Swamp School aims to involve children in a creative process by opening a space for play and learning through the educational performances. Play will shift children’s creativity towards the development of a symbiotic environment. By recognising advanced hybrid thinking, Oskar Hansen’s pedagogical Open Form theory will be deployed in order to create opportunities to imagine, construct, and experience architectural volume that can accommodate half-human/half-amphibian beings. Through the workshop, children will investigate different aspects of interspecies relationships, new forms of dwelling, and the possible coexistence of different forms of life.


Status: Children workshop in Swamp summer school, Lithuanian national pavilion

Location: Italy, Venice architecture biennale 2018

Year: 2018

Photo: Norbert Tukaj

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