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A young family apartment in the Old Town, near the train station takes place in the house built in 1862 with its glamor and magnificence that marked the peak of the bourgeoisie times. Over the course of 156 years, the building has changed its purpose and landlords. Until today, the building has become tired and surrounded by homeless and criminals.

The interior design of the apartment was aimed at releasing its space from the past oppressive stage. A new space is created as if it flows through the entire apartment, revealing the prospect of multiplicity and the depth of the premises. The openings in the old walls are cut in such a way that the new space is adapted to the modern family life, but at the same time leaving a mark of the old structure of the plan.

Only one new partition is designed in the apartment, which is at the same time a wardrobe and an engineering communications collector. On the one side it holds kitchen, on the other side it serves the needs of the bathroom, and on the top it supports entresol for larger things to store. Inside the apartment there is only one door for bathroom which has a hole for pets. The bathroom is abstract, its image almost does not give out the function. All accessories are integrated, the sink is located in the niche of the former window. While standing in the shower, through the open door, you can see the entire length of the apartment, at the end of which the view is extended by a mirror.

All original authentic decorations have been preserved: panel parquet, ceiling decoration, door frames. Furniture, lamps and switches were made by the residents themselves.

The implemented project marks a new and bright stage in the whole building life, along with the young families that are starting up there.

Status: completed

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Area: 84 sq.m

Year: 2017

Photographs: Norbert Tukaj

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