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Transported sauna is collected indoors and transported to the owner's plot. It is unknown where the sauna will be, but it will definitely rain there. Therefore the roof form collects rainwater and demonstratively pours it into a pond from which the water is used for bath rituals. The heat inside the sauna rises up, so the shape of the room is wider at the top and narrow enough at the bottom to allow enough space for passage. This shape of the room is created by sloping walls that serve as bench backs.



The volume of the sauna is laconic and simple like a cube, but within it contains all the necessary attributes of the sauna. Just as simple as the shutters opens, the table and benches folds out from the building facade. Firewood is also reach through the outside wall. When the sauna is not in use, the outdoor furniture and shutters fold back into the walls and the structure becomes safe as a hopper.



Sauna is a complex of processes that require separate zones: opening room, washroom, a heat room. In this building all these areas are separated in heights by a hierarchical order as if in religion.



The building consists of two components - a closed sauna room and an open shed with a shower. Both of these spaces are organically joined by a curved wall.



The sauna was inspired by a bird's nest. It blends perfectly into the natural environment and is a highly functional structure. Just as in nest thee sauna has no parallel walls and no right angles, and it all is made out off one material - wood.