„Workscape“ is a open and undivided space that can be transformed according to the needs. It is created by installing elements that preserve the existing nature of the building and integrates into the newly developed direction of the aesthetics for the whole complex. The architectural foundation’s ("Architektūros fondas") private workspace is defined by a transparent object that is pushed out into the hall during work hours. It carries on a relevant exposition from the activities of the foundation. An act of extrusion is a communication message for visitors of the building. After work hours, the opening filler locks the boundary, but passes light and provides information.

     The main functions are concentrated parallel to the walls in the metal frame and plane structures. Planes are opened for work desks and closed for exhibition when needed. Between the wall and the planes there is a gap with shelves.

     Sliding tables fit into the room two across. They serve for concentration, communication and other activities in the center of the space. Volumes for sitting are mobile, disassemble and  always warm because they are made out of "XPS". For convenience and safety, a hanger and storage aside on a short wall.

Status: competition, I st. prize

Location: Sodas 2123, Vilnius, Lithuania

Area: 40 sq.m

Year: 2020