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The primary school is designed as a complex where values, culture and learning philosophy participate in the formation of space. According to this principle, urban planning, architecture and interior works as a medium that responds to different ways of learning. The school environment is created to be attractive, interesting and comfortable for the age group of students. Architecture aims to stimulate curiosity and positively introduce the learning process.


Šeškinė primary school is a modern and advanced educational institution currently operating in a restrictive building infrastructure. Within the scope of the project, indoor and outdoor spaces will be expanded more than twice, 16 elementary classes will operate, many new and convenient activities will appear for students and the community.


The architectural competition for the reconstruction of Vilnius Šeškinė primary school was won by the work with the motto "PRADINĖ VISATA" (“PRIMARY UNIVERSE”).

Status: competition, 1st place, in progress

Architects: ŠA Atelier (Gabrielė Šarkauskienė, Antanas Šarkauskas) 

Project manager: Be Live

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Year: 2023

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