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Office interior realized in Vilnius city, a recently constructed administrative building. Sustainability and responsible consumption became the main inspiration of the project. These values are also highly supported by the "Be Live" organization that works here.

Interiors, compared to buildings, can be characterised by dynamic change. In most cases when the operator changes, the structure of the premises, finishings, and furniture also changes. In our project, we tried to actualize responsible consumption. We designed new common space furniture that was made from the company's old desks. We also used other existing furniture, for example, the old kitchen became a second, auxiliary kitchen for the new office. The glass partitions and most of the opaque partitions are prefabricated modules. After the office is moved, the same modules can be used to create new rooms.

The project has completely abandoned the idea of decor. Instead of it materials and form variety were provided by the existing building materials and engineering systems that were inevitable in the construction of the building. Open concrete structures enrich the texture of walls and columns. Galvanized metal ventilation and electrical installation systems were planned not only from an engineering perspective, but also with the aim of turning them into a specific ceiling solution to avoid additional finishes.

During the design process the employees of the customer's company and the future users of the premises were involved in the planning of the office. They chosed their rooms according to professional direction and helped us better understand the specifics of their work. This led to even more effective functional solutions. Next to the workrooms, there are various types of common spaces. The largest of them is the common lounge designed for permanent use and various events. The furniture here is mobile and can easily change its location according to shifting needs.


Status: completed

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Area: 500 sq.m

Year: 2022

Photographs: Norbert Tukaj

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