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The residential house is based in Svencelė, near the water canal leading directly to the “Kuršių” lagoon. The urban parameters and facade finish of the house were determined by the agreement of the street community, which aims to maintain a coherent architectural harmony for the different owners.


The hexagonal shape of the house focuses on visual connections with the environment seen from the plot and from the positions of neighbouring plots. While moving around the building its volume changes the character from horizontal to vertical depending on the point of observer. The symmetrical shape of the plan acts as a means of orderly structure and an expression of architecture.


The building has four horizontal levels intended for activities, starting from the ground floor and ending with a roof terrace overlooking the Neringa peninsula. Therefore, the uniqueness of the interior is revealed through the vertical change of spaces. Directionally positioned windows allows to create a wide panorama of views with a small amount of glass.

Status: ongoing

Location: Svencele, Lithuania

Area: 50 sq.m

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