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Task for application:

"Lithuania will be represented at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale by the Architecture Fund’s project titled The Swamp Pavilion. Organizers invite architects and designers to participate in the workshop to create the design of the most ambitious pavilion of 2018!


The project’s concept is based on the fact that on the edge of the primary biennale space – Giardini there is the only area where new construction may still be possible. It is a triangular patch of water, next to the territory of the Biennale, separated only by a fence. This public space on a water is a proposition for an alternative mode of growth for the Biennale, one that forgoes claims on ever more precious and costly private urban land.


This specific territory in Venice is the proposed location for The Swamp Pavilion as an expansion of national territory within the international context of the Biennale. The specific limits of the site inhibits incursion onto the land area, locating the pavilion where pre-existing elements of air and water are available. The Swamp Pavilion aims not so much to occupy a place as to create a space of constant re-creation, one in which it would be possible to offer various acts, one where the role being formed is itself highlighted. In this way, the theme of a defined architectural form is connected with pedagogical – that is, shaping – practice. The Swamp Pavilion consisted of dynamically connected elements will operate as a constantly changing space for “swampy” sensual experiences and creativity. During the Biennale In the pavilion will be held series of workshops for architecture students to analyze non-material architectural forms and fill the territory with new senses. Architects are invited to create the architectural space, which would get along with water and would take a dynamic, ecosystemic and conceptual action."  - by Architecture fund


More about the event:

Proposal for application:

The swamp pavilion creates soft edge with water, unlike the rest of Venice, which has a clear hard vertical waterfront. The pavilion consists of a grid structure, which gradually decrease and dives into the water. It symbolize sinking urban grid of the cities. Person who is walking on Giardini path naturally goes on a small ramp and rises to a level of barrier then the pavilion is reached by a step forward which is followed by a feeling of instability. The pavilion is floating on the water, but its grid structure is raised into the air where a open public space appears. The spatial configuration of the pavilion creates a movement script and affects visitors' senses, which are not revealed while being on the land of Venice.  On the lower level, a closed space for research activities is planned. In the future practical work will extend the physical body of swamp pavilion through biological growth.

Status: application for workshop - sketch

Location: Venice architecture biennale 2018

Area: 50 sq.m indoors

Year: 2017

Photo: Norbert Tukaj

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