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    “In 1959, Polish architect, theorist, and urban planner Oskar Hansen introduced the theory of “Open Form,” which describes art as a process of
collaboration, group expression, and flexibility, and imagines architectures and shared spaces as modulated and reconfigured by their users, rather than designed hierarchically by a single expert.
     Amphibian House aims to involve children in creative play and learning through educational performance. In this activity, play shifts children’s creativity towards the development of a symbiotic environment. Based on Oskar Hansen’s Open Form theory, Amphibian House explores advanced hybrid thinking and asks children to imagine, construct, and experience architectural structures that can accommodate half-human/half-amphibian beings. Through the workshop, children will investigate different aspects of interspecies relationships, new forms of dwelling, and the possible coexistence of different forms of life.”

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Status: Children workshop in contemporary art festival "The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea"

Location: Mississauga, Toronto, Canada

Year: 2018

Photo: Indrė Umbrasaitė

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